Name: Xander

Alias: the god of magic, all powerful sorcerer, the perfect child

Age: 1,005 years old (looks 30)

Occupation: Anti-hero

Appearance: slightly muscular short spikey red hair with banshee cat eyes has tattoos of 7 deadly sins on his right arm and 7 heavenly virtues on his left arm. Wears a sleeveless trench coat and under it he wears a leather armor chest plate and under that is a sleeveless muscle shirt wearing black jeans with a spiked belt and black leather boots and wears a black medieval headband with a pentagram amulet around his neck with black leather gauntlets

Personality: dark (sometimes), mysterious, caring, and adventurous

Backstory: centuries ago during medieval times, a nameless sorcerer lived in a cave in the mountains. As he was working on a spell, this sorcerer was trying to find a way to create "the perfect child" using his own magic. So he goes to search for certain items for the ritual: baby's bones, red rose pedals, the blood of a demon, blood of an angel, and the eyes of a banshee cat. When he returned from his trip, the sorcerer begins the preparation for the ritual by lighting the fire under the cauldron and burning the brew, then he crushes the bones into ashes then sets the ashes into the brew along with the other ingredients. When he spoke the ancient words of the ritual as he stirred, the cauldron later began to shake and the brew bursted upward as forth creating a baby out of magical powers, the baby then begins to cry as the sorcerer then lifts the child into his arms, naming him Xander. For a few years, when Xander was a boy, he trained how to use his powers perfectly. As he grew older, he began questioning his father about the outside world, then the sorcerer became furious and got angry at Xander then told him only the negative things about the world. Xander became upset then was silent for the rest of the training as Xander grew darker and beginning to hate his father and everything. When his training was complete, the sorcerer was proud of him, but then Xander turned and walked away, the sorcerer tried to stop him but Xander used his power and killed the sorcerer. From the hatred to despair, Xander felt sadness for killing his only family. So Xander found and built himself a prison in the deepest parts of the earth and stayed under there until the present. A couple of archeologist discovered the tomb of Xander, trying to find the corpse. They found him, old and wrinkly. When they tried to grab his amulet, it absorbed both of their souls. As he slowly regained his consciousness, Xander regains his powers as he walks out of the tomb, and into the world.


Magical entity physiology-from being created, Xander was granted the power to be a magical entity which gave him the following:

  • All magical powers

Supernatural Condition: due to his inner power, Xander has grown to a supernatural level where he became powerful

Supernatural manipulation: Xander also gained the power to manipulate all supernatural afflictions

Mythic physiology: Xander later gets the ability to copy the traits of every mythological being

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