Name: Kale

Alias: Ace of Spades

Appearance: slightly muscular, slightly long blonde hair, black eyes with green pupils, wears dark camo pants with a dark grey shirt with a small black Spade with green circuit patterns on the left chest side of the shirt and sometimes wears a green camo bandanna on his right arm, with black fingerless gloves and black army boots

Age: 30 (doesn't age after that)

Height: 6.5

Occupation: Anti-Hero

Personality: smart, loner (sometimes), handsome, and helpful

Likes: ramen, all kinds of video games, and comic books

Dislikes: disrespectful people, things not going his way, and malfunctions on his inventions

Backstory: After the death of his parents, Kale went to school for a few years. When he was finished with school, when Kale went home and to check his mailbox, he saw an ad in the mail about the army creating a super-soldier program for new recruits. When he found out, he was surprised he was one of the few who've been volunteered for the program. Few weeks later, the army came to his house for an escort to the place. He went in, took some tests, and passed, and was the first to pass. When the guys took him in, they gave kale a permanent tattoo of kale's own choice which was a dark camo Spade with green circuit patterns on it. And also was given dog tags naming him: Ace of spades. Then, they would bring him to a chamber with experimental pods in it. The people took ace to his pod, strips him of his clothes, and sets him in the pod, and began the augmentation. When it began, ace felt a little pain during the experiment, soon the machine would have a breakdown but they just kept going, and when it was finished, ace was granted powers, powers that will help him with his life. As soon as ace woke up, he had a techno-scarab attached to his spine that automatically boosted him in every aspect and every level. Few years later, ace built himself a device that allows him to create a portal to a new blank dimension and designed it to his own aspects, calling it "Dimension Ace".


Scientific entity physiology-due to succeeding in the program, ace gained this power and gave him the following: All science powers

Reality Modding- since ace can now invent new things, he built himself a device that takes him to a new dimension of his design and can mod it in many occasions

Dimensional Storage- he has a special duffle bag that allows him to take out any weapon from his dimension

Fictional Mimicry- due to all the fictional intelligence he gained, he adapted to gain any power of any fictional character there is. He could even fuse character powers.

Weapons: he sometimes carries a chrome green desert eagle, other times his custom weapons

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